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IMPORTANT NOTE: The documents contained in this library are provided only as examples. They may have been created prior to states' enactment of conforming STC statute and are specific to states' STC laws. Any state wishing to create similar documents will need to adhere to their own state laws and the new federal definition of STC.

Sustaining STC

PLENARY Session discussing how Washington is working to sustain its Shared Work program and poses questions for sustaining these programs nationally. Session features Neil Gorrell.

Ongoing STC Research & Evaluation

BREAKOUT Session discussing the Ongoing STC Research & Evaluation projects featuring Scott Gibbons and Christina Yancey from USDOL.

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

BREAKOUT Session discussing Overcoming Implementation Challenges featuring Juliane Barone from OH, Evan Littrell from NE, and Janice Harlin from MI.

Operational Improvement Strategies

PLENARY Session discussing Operational Improvment Strategies featuring Dee Anna Hassanpour from OR, Juliane Barone from OH, and Keith Goodwin from MN.

Successful Business Outreach Strategies

BREAKOUT Session discussing Successful Business Outreach Strategies featuring Delores Rose from MO, Michael Vorgetts from RI, and Gene Walker and Chad Pearson from WA.

Outreach Tools & Materials Showcase

BREAKOUT Session discussing Outreach Tools & Promotional Materials. Session features Devon O'Nalty from CT, Amber Fink from MO, and Tammy Aldrich from OR.

Engaging Workforce Partners in Outreach

BREAKOUT Session discussing Engaging Workforce Partners in Outreach. Session features Jeff Ryan from USDOL, Ken Messina from MA, and Neil Gorrell from WA.

How the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act Changed STC

PLENARY Session featuring Suzanne Simonetta from USDOL discussing How the Middlce Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 Changed STC (PowerPoint slides)

Businesses Can Avoid Layoffs with Shared Work

Public Employers Can Avoid Layoffs with Shared Work