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IMPORTANT NOTE: The documents contained in this library are provided only as examples. They may have been created prior to states' enactment of conforming STC statute and are specific to states' STC laws. Any state wishing to create similar documents will need to adhere to their own state laws and the new federal definition of STC.

Shared Work: A Smart Alternative (Private Employers)

Shared Work: A Smart Alternative to Layoffs (Gov, Non-Profit, Tribes)

WA Overview (for staff) of State STC Program Sections

What is Short-Time Compensation?

The Short-Time Compensation (STC) program assists employers and employees alike during declines in regular business activity. By decreasing employee hours in lieu of layoffs and providing partial compensation through the Unemployment Insurance program, employees don't suffer a total loss of employment and employers maintain their skilled and ready workforce for…

State Strategies for Implementing a STC Program

Steps for Developing a STC Program

STC 101 - Engaging Partners and Stakeholders

Get state partners and other stakeholders on board! Add your state logo to this presentation template and customize it with state specific information. Then spread the word!

WA Desk Aid -Employer Representative

Employer Representative Desk Aid

WA Employer Representative Orientation

Power Point of Orientation for Employer Representative

WA Press Release 2012-Results In